image courtesy of Clayton Porter



Kate Carr, 1976 - 2017

Artist Statement

My work begins with material. I make marks with fabric. I create line with plywood. I find density in felt. My utilitarian material choices give my work a tactile immediacy that is inherent in the materials themselves.

The straightforward nature of my materials also influences the way I approach them. Their directness and simplicity inspires me to work with them as simply and directly as I can. I want my process to reveal the material rather than transform it. I try to understand the particularities of a material and let those qualities guide me in my working process.

The formal quality that concerns me most is line. I see line in my materials. I look for line in the world. It has a rhythm, a hum. It both differentiates space and connects it. A line is the simplest mark. It is a part of a whole. In my work I use simple geometric forms because they allow my materials to be seen and encountered clearly, unencumbered by their shape. Using simple geometric forms with linear edges creates a context for material connections to occur in seemingly effortless, unexpected ways.